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Breaking News      Breast Milk Ice Cream? London Shop Offers A Nipple, Whoops, Sorry A Nibble
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25 February 2011

Breast Milk Ice Cream? London Shop Offers A Nipple, Whoops Sorry, Nibble!
Cold, icy in a crunchy cone? How else do you like your breast milk?
Breast Milk Ice Cream, that’s what will be on sale from this Friday in England.
A Covent Garden ice cream parlor has broken some boundaries by offering ice cream made of breast milk.
‘Baby Gaga’ ice creams, um, sound delicious and for those women looking for a little extra cash while on maternity leave this is the place to head as the shop will pay for an express delivery.
If breast milk is what you need or crave, at $23 you’d expect a little something on top, maybe a few nuts?

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