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Breaking News      USA: Separation Of Powers, Supreme Court Refuses To Review 10 Commandments
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23 February 2011
USA: Separation of Powers, Supreme Court Refuses To Review 10 Commandments
“You shall have no other Gods before Me,” were the words about to greet those entering two Kentucky County Courts if it hadn’t of been for the intervention of the District Judge.
At the heart of the issue is the separation of church and state. 
Its a philosophy that dates back to ancient Greece, but more recently to the age of enlightenment where it was believed that decisions of government and the judicial system should be free of interference or undue influence from the church or religious entities.
Today the debate has been played out in Kentucky where two county courts have been arguing for the right to display the 10 Commandments for all to see as they enter the building.   
Its been an epic battle dating back over a decade.  Yesterday the Supreme Court refused to review a decision banning the displaying of the 10 Commandments inside two court houses in McCreary and Pulaski.  
In 1999 the counties first hung copies of the 10 Commandments on the wall. 
The American Civil Liberties Union took the case to court in which District Court Judge Jennifer Coffman ruled that the court was being unduly influenced by religion, demanding the documents be removed.
Over the next decade it was reported that the counties attempted to display the 10 Commandments under the guise of various other documents including a display that highlighted the significance of religious and historic documents.
Now the Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal mounted by the counties that would enable them to display the religious documents. 

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