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Breaking News      WikiLeaks: Japan’s New Spy Agency Targets North Korea And China
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22 February 2011
WikiLeaks: Japan’s New Spy Agency Targets North Korea And China
Not since World War II has Japan officially operated a spy network.
Yet yesterday WikiLeaks released a cable issued by the US State
Department acknowledging the existence of an agency with espionage
capabilities and it’s purpose.
With tensions mounting between North and South Korea it may be no
surprise that Japan is developing it’s intelligence services.  Last year
the world held it’s breathe as leader Kim Jong-il order the bombing of
an island in the Yellow Sea, part of South Korea’s territory.
China was also acknowledged as a target for the Japanese spy
agency, according to the cables released to one of Australia’s major
newspapers, the Sydney Morning Herald.
Not only do the nations compete against each other in the global
economy but old territory issues regularly send diplomatic tensions into
a frenzy.
Protest across both nations broke out in October 2010 with Japan
demanding the release of Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiabo while in
China thousands of people took to the streets, smashing windows of
Japanese shops and chanting slogans denouncing Japan.
At the center of the debate between the two great nations is a
small group of islands, which Japan call the Senkaku and China, the
Diaoyu Islands.  Both claim the land as their own.
Since World War II Japan as part of it’s peace time commitments has not managed a espionage service. 
The leaked documents reveal that since 2008, the Japanese
government under the leadership of the Democratic Liberal Party
commissioned the Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office to establish a
spy agency to not only spying on China and North Korea but to protect
it’s own shores from terrorism.

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