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Breaking News      Egypt: As A Tribute He Called His Newborn ‘Facebook’
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21 February 2011 

Egypt: As A Tribute He Called His Newborn ‘Facebook’
Social media is changing our world in so many ways.  The evidence
is mounting that sites such as Facebook and Twitter played a significant
part in the success of the uprising in Egypt and the removal of
President Hosni Mubarak.
There have been many tributes to facebook, but none more personal
than when a young man in Egypt named his first born daughter ‘Facebook’.
Her full name is ‘Facebook’ Jamal Ibrahim according to Haaretz newspaper today. 
While many may scratch their heads, some criticizing, some asking
why, the neighbors of the Egyptian family are more than pleased with the
Where will it end, would anyone call their daughter ‘Twitter’?  We wonder what nickname she’d be given.

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