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21 February 2011 

Botox: Removes Wrinkles And Migraines, What A Cure!
Who needs an excuse for a Botox treatment?  Well here it is, it
seems that not only will Botox make those wrinkles disappear, but the
chemical component, botulinum toxin., also has success in reducing
The scientific community is deeply divided as to the true extent of
the success of Botox for those who suffer from chronic migraines.
Yet in the latest research released in the New Scientist last week,
indicate that in two trials, one showed promising evidence with 10% of
participants indicating a high reduction in migraines after being
treated with Botox. 
Based on trials and historic research Botox has been given the
green light as a therapy for migraines by both the US Food and Drug
Administration and the British Medicines and Healthcare products
Regulatory Agency.
It’s research that has thrilled Allergan, the producers of Botox. 
It’s come on the back of other good news about the extra
applications for Botox which is increasingly become used in treatments
to reduce the visibility of acne scars. 
This week Professor Greg Goodman, Monash University explained to
Channel 9, Australia, “If it happens to be that you’re contracting a
muscle that is pulling
the scar apart a bit, Botox can help to ease that, relax that area so it
doesn’t have so much stress on the existing scar tissue.”
One acne scar, one slight headache and that’s enough for many of us
to book in for yet another treatment, age, of course doesn’t come into

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