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20 February 2011

China’s Bigfoot Still Remains A Mystery
In 1967 a local man from China’s Shaanxi

Province was lifting stones in the hills surrounding his village when he
uncovered footprints, 16 inches (40 centimeter) in length.

One after the other of the prints appeared walking down the rocks into the valley, the imprints buried into the stone.
There was no doubt, to Qaio and his neighbors that these footprints
belonged to a man, and with those measurements, a man who would reach
almost 10 feet (3 meters) tall.  
Today the mystery has sparked an intensive debate over who or what
made the imprints and more importantly how much energy and resources
should be invested to uncover the mystery?
Legions of a Chinese Bigfoot have been around for centuries. Today
the creature are still believed to roam the forests, named by the locals
as the Yeren, or Wild Humans.
In the Hubei Province massive footprints have been uncovered, yet
in size they are around three quarters of the size of the ones in the
Shaanxi Province.
In 2009 scientists were considering mounting a major search of the
Hubei Province with the view to uncovering either the creature
themselves or more evidence of their existence.  The ground for their
work was based on a 1980’s expedition after 18 tourists reported
witnessing to half animal, half human creatures believed to be the
In 2003 another sighting took place but these witness accounts are rare events.
That’s lead to another scientific theory that these footprints are
ancient.  Some believe that in fact the prints were made by some
creature that dates back to the dinosaurs.
Now the question remains should research money be poured into
tracking down creatures that may not have been alive for millions of

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