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Breaking News      Japan: $78 Billion Spent On Green Projects – Not One Has Produced Good Results
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16 February 2011

Japan: $78 Billion Spent On Green Projects – Not One Has Produced Good Results
Over a 6 year period the Japanese Government poured an astonishing ¥6.55 trillion into green projects, and yet, not one of these environment projects has produce any effective results.

There was funding to use sewer waste in agriculture and the recycling wood. 

One of the programs more innovative plans was to recycle boxed lunches that weren’t sold through convenience stores into food for cows in rural Japan.  The project collapsed after a 1.6 billion yen had been invested. 
All 217 innovative programs have now been assessed since the funding finished in 2009. 
A report released this week by the Administration Evaluation Bureau was damning of the outcomes of the green projects having been given the task of assessing both the environmental and economic outcomes of each project. 
Of the 217 grants, 161 or 75% did have some results, but none, not one was strong enough to produce solid long term outcomes for the environment nor where they economically viable.  Nor did any have any significant potential to reduce global warming.

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