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Breaking News      Hackers Target Lush Australia And New Zealand Via Outdated Computer System
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15 February 2011

Hackers Target Lush Australia And New Zealand Via Outdated Computer System
Thousands of customers of the international cosmetic shop, Lush,
have been left vulnerable after the store admitted it’s Australasian
computer system was targeted by hackers.
In a statement the company advised customers of their Australian
and New Zealand stores to contract their bank and cancel their credit
cards after hackers accessed personal details through what the company
described as an out-of-date computer system.
With the data base removed by hackers the company announced that
“The code that the website was written in was a very old version and it
hadn’t been updated, so it was a legacy from that code,” Mark Lincoln,
Lush Australiasian Director told the ABC.
In a move to protect customers the company has removed the website
after it became apparent last night that the system had been compromised
and advised all those who had purchased an item in the past few months
to cancel their credit cards.
It’s not the first time Lush has been successfully targeted.  Last
year Lush’s UK parent left customers exposed for 4 months after hackers
had entered the system.

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