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Breaking News      Flawless Diamond, 78 Carats, Sold By BHP On Valentines Day
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15 February 2011 

Flawless Diamond, 78 Carats, Sold By BHP On Valentines Day
It’s considered the most significant stone to have been uncovered
in since 1998 from the Ekati Diamond Mine, a flawless 78 carat rough
Yesterday, on Valentines Day, the gem was placed on the market by BHP.
The diamond was uncovered in October 2010, in the the Ekati Diamond mine in Canada.  
78 carats, an enormous stone, the size of the joint of your thumb,
probably too big for a ring maybe, but for a collector, a priceless buy,
if you can afford it.
What makes the diamond a significant find is the quality, flawless and colorless as has been the company’s description.
Yet is isn’t the biggest stone to have been unearth from the
mined.  2 years ago a 182 carat diamond was found, but lacked the 5 c’s
of perfect diamonds, clarity, carats and color of the one sold
It was sold yesterday at BHP’s Belgium auction house, but to date the price tag has not been disclosed.

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