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15 February 2011
Electronic Stalking: The Science Of Modern Love And Spying
He’s left the room, for the first time his cell phone sits on the chair, the screen flashing begging you to sneak a peak. 
Messages, who’s he texting: call history, who’s number is that?  Pen, quickly write down the number, I’ll call tomorrow.   Footsteps, phone thrown into the corner, lying back in the chair, “thank you darling, I love you.”
Quietly, leave the room, quick check on the webcam, bed free, untouched, nice looking undies, um, never seen them before. 
Fast forward, shadow comes through the door, it’s her, great body.  Lies on bed, clothes loose, little too sexy, now naked, that’s what I like to see.  Oh geez, there is another man, muscular, well toned and feeling my wife.  Oh wait, that’s me!
Sex, love, trust? When do we get it right, probably never.  Today science and technology have opened a new world of accessible cheap monitoring systems, and frankly it seem many of us are thriving in the new environment of love, and cyber spying.
Half of us it seems embark on some sort of electronic spying, cell phones, websites, you name it wherever there is an electronic imprint we’re there, looking viewing, judging our lovers behavior.
34% of women, 14% of men admitted in a survey to checking their partners emails, at least more than once. 
The survey conducted by Sloane Burke, East Carolina University, North Carolina and was published in the New Scientist today.
What it found was that of the 805 students who completed a survey the most common form of spying was facebook, this was one of the easiest ways to check up on a lover.
How much can you find online?   For some there is their whole life story.  There was one I knew, wanted to hunt down after promising, ‘oh no, I’m far too lazy to be a stalker’. 
In the world of online love there is a thin veil of secrecy.  We all know to never use your real name, set up a fake email address.
In reality even the city is a small place for the human brain as just snippets of information, and a good Google search and pow, there he is. 
Its was such a thrill to spy, stheccessfully that is.  Just a cell number and a Google search is enough for some.  Others a place of work, and a first name, that’s enough to figure out a surname. 
Now with a surname double check on facebook, photo and details confirmed.
Its an ever so easy task when once he was a public figure, pages and pages of what he did, super smart, but said some very silly things, love it! What a buzz, there is his work, and oh god, his wife. 
The wife is the limit, don’t need to go there.  The electronic blinkers have been firmly reconnected.  Even humans have their limits, well most that is.
As more sophisticated technology comes available it’s being used to track as once a private investigator did.  
In the East Carolina University survey men admitted to bad, bad behavior, including placing video surveillance in their partner’s bedrooms. 
Believe it or not, others used online cell phone trackers to follow their lovers movements. 
Some of the respondent admitted to putting spyware on computers to track which websites, in remote time that were being viewed by their lovers.  Not bad, I could try that, if I wasn’t so lazy.
Wouldn’t it be nice to believe that love is blind, that you can talk to your partner about anything.  Maybe we can as long as we are sure that our research has been complete, no naughty behavior, no secret websites, they’ve gone to work and home again.  Now its safe to say “yes I love you too.”
By: Harriet Bay





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