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Breaking News      Production Of Eurocopter Luxury Helicopters Begins In China: Price Tag, $4.5 Million
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13 February 2011

Production Of Eurocopter Luxury Helicopters Begins In China: Price Tag, $4.5 Million
It’s a product made for a small, sophisticated market. 
Lightweight, designed for comfort, the EC135 luxury helicopter is
perfect for business. 
Now Eurocopter has entered the Chinese business market licensing the Zhong-Ou International Group

to produce the EC135 Luxury Helicopter in the Zhejiang province.

With a price tag of $4.5 million for each helicopter, few will be
demanded, yet for those who need transportation, fast, and in luxury
this must be the ultimate.
After designing the aircraft with Hermès, Eurocopter released the helicopter onto the market in 2007. 
Boasting a twin turbo engine it can fly up to 178 miles per hour
(287 kilometers), carry at 4 passengers in luxury, with two pilots with
all the comforts of home.
The Chinese deal, announced last week, has been struck with China
based firm Zhong-Ou International Group, who have formed a reputation
building luxury motor homes who now will organize the assembly of the
Its not known how many of the helicopters will be produced, not too
many from all indications. Another leading producer of luxury
helicopters, Bell 206 Jet Ranger has to date sold a mere 6,000 


Next year will see the first of the EC135 luxury helicopters on the market in 2012. 
To see the EC135 in 3D:
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