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Breaking News      Sarah Palin’s Presidential Campaign Buried By Latest Poll…? Obama On The Rise
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12 March 2011
Sarah Palin’s Presidential Campaign Buried By Latest Poll…? Obama On The Rise 
Have we run out of love for Sarah Palin? The woman who stormed into
our lives in 2008, gave rise to the Tea Party and shifting the ground
under the Republican Party, is now loosing support rapidly according to
the latest poll.
In November 2009 Palin’s popularity within the Republican Movement
seemed insurmountable, carrying 60% of the vote for preferred
Presidential Candidate in the 2012 elections.
Now, we’ve all read her story, watched her endlessly on television
it seems the Sparking Sarah Palin is fading away.  In the latest
Bloomberg poll her support among voters had plummeted.   60% of
Americans view her unfavorably, and of those 38% nominated ‘very
unfavorably’ said the poll released on March 7, 2011.
It’s bad news for the Palin camp, but President Barack Obama must
be delighted with the voters perception of his presidency.  45% of the
voters believed his vision for America was more positive than that of
the Republicans (33%).
Cutting through to policy issues it seems the Democrats are winning
as well.   56% of voters supported a government direction to support
job creation programs, compared just 42% who back spending cuts.
Last year Obama pushed through significant health care reforms; the
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act the amended by the Health
Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.
The changes were strongly resisted by Republicans who mounted a
huge campaign to block a new health care system.  Today it seems that
votes are slowly falling behind the reforms, with 41% want the
legislation repeated, while 42% say keep it and see how it all unfolds,
with 12% saying it should now not be touched.
Not so positive were voters impressions of the of the American
Economy.  49% agreed that the recovery was fragile and could easy slip
back into a recession, only 14% said the recovery was well under way.
With Palin’s support slipping, it re-emphasized the various voices
around the nation that she should call it a day and not run for
President next year.
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