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Breaking News      USA: Teen Rejected From School As Debate Over Use Of Medical Marijuana Is Clearly Far From Over
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12 February 2011
USA: Teen Rejected From School As Debate Over Use Of Medical Marijuana Is Clearly Far From Over
Their hands are tied, according to a Colorado Springs education
spokesperson, who have told a student he cannot consume medically
prescribed marijuana while at school.
His only option is to go home to take the medication and not return
on that day.  It’s a policy that places the young man with such a
disadvantage, loosing hours of class and clearly paralysing his
The young man’s father, Shan Moore, reported to the Colorado
Independent that his son is reliant on the marijuana to control a rare
neurological disorder that triggers seizures. 
A medically prescribed dose of dope will assist in controlling the
episodes, enable the young man a chance to function while at school or
at home.
While the state of Colorado supports the use of prescription
marijuana it’s come in conflict with the education policy that has a
zero tolerance policy to the use of any dope, even if prescribed.
Now the young man is faced with an impossible choice, risk the seizures or miss school.
Yet the debate is far from over about the use of prescription
marijuana as the Montana House of Representatives, last Thursday voted
in favor of repealing legislation allowing for it’s use.  
It was only in 2005 that the democrat controlled Montana legislator
passed the legislation.   As the debate last week raged concern was
aired that the use of prescription dope would lead to higher
recreational use and fearing that the law would lead to the legalization
of dope.

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