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11 February 2011 

Exposed, Okay, On A Nude Beach

Tonight is a night for sitting alone, covered in a
thick blanket.  The brain turns
dysfunctional from sniffing the heavy fumes of the chunky old gas
warmer that never takes the cold from your bones that your mind.

To starve the cold, your mind wanders slowly back to
moments where clothes were removed, the heat of the sun burnt into parts of
your body that few have seen, the wind has never touched.

Sex for women is exposure, we know its visual for men,
touch is important but watching every part of the bodies as they slide by each
other that’s the extra thrill.  Sight, the look of our backs as
we walk by, the form of the body as the hand move down your back.

That sneaking glimpse of being caught in the mirror, watching naked
bodies slide from side to side.  The eyes
are special, the contact, the communication, and yes for women we are that

Every dimple in the wrong place, every war wound seems to
have an arrow pointing to it.  It can be
sticky being eye candy.

For some being exposed is a passion.  “I have no problems walking around the beach
with an erection” a passionate nudist once said.  “Its not about sex, it’s about loving being
there without clothes.  Nothing, just
nothing, all day”.

This is a journey into the nudist’s world.  Hidden yet so widely
known.  It’s at a city beach that we head to spring day that shines with
a summer sun.  Water, waves, lying on the
sand, rubbing our bodies with sunscreen. 
This is pure exposure.  “its not
about sex.”

Do you touch?  Do
you look?  Can you have sex?  Who knows as this venture unfolds.  We pass the family beach, children throwing
balls, mother irritated, not wanting to look at the couple heading south that

The beach, our beach is small, covered in bodies, men,
men and more men.  A gay couple frolic
waste deep in the waves.  They push each
other gently then kiss gently, slowly.
The man beside me strips he clothes clean off before we’ve sat
down. “come on. Off they come”, he encourages. 
Men men men and just one woman lie on their towels, the sun entering
every crack on their body.  The red of
their skin absorbing the rays of light, exposed. 

What clothes do you take off first?  Wait, is any one looking.  3 men pass by, one with a penis so small it
is barely visible, don’t look, don’t stare, okay, stare from behind your bag. 

The woman’s body is beautiful, muscular, firm.  Confidence oozers from her .   Her breasts are rounded, her legs delicious,
in between her legs there is no hair, how does it feel inside there?  This is not about sex.

“I’ve never seen this side of you before, are you a
prude?.”  The sun is hot burning
into my sweating palms, is it nerves is it the sun? 

Either look like a fool or do it, do it now.  Sitting up straight the shirt is slowly drawn
over the stomach, I can feel the light bouncing of my breast.  Deep deep breath, now the
shorts.   One button, two, I know what
others can see, exposed. I am all exposed. 

I lie on the towel, he puts his hand gently on my bottom,
it’s ok now, it feels ok.  Men walk past
sneaking a look.  That’s ok. 

We laugh at a man covered in tattoos who strategically
places himself above us.  Who does he
want to look at, secretly I hope it’s me.

Confidence comes back. 
It’s time to swim.  He stands in
front of me, that feels save.  As I get up there is sand all over my body, clothes made of crumbly old sand.

Never have I dived through waves so fast, hiding from the
onlookers, who cares how cold this water is. 
Up to the neck, how unexposed to we feel.

We play with each others bodies under the waves, whoops,
he says that erection is a definite no no.

Ar he said eyes pointed to the shore.  We’ve got a crowd, time to get out.  On the beach standing in our paths are men
one bronze hair that would glow in the dark, is it a wig?

As we begin to walk through the waves our eyes fall to
the ground, hands slightly covering our bodies as we wade through our
onlookers.  Exposed.  Directly exposed.

We giggle triumphantly as we’ve pack our bags, off, home,
sex.  In the privacy of our little room
here our bodies can be thrown around, we want to be seen to be touched,

The passion is up, the experience, the thrill of going
out to be nude is exposed.

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