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Breaking News      USA: Conservatives Struck Down After Poll Shows Strong Support For Gay And Lesbian Marriage
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11 February 2011 

USA: Conservatives Struck Down After Poll Shows Strong Support For Gay And Lesbian Marriage
As the republicans took control of the New Hampshire state
legislature last November, conservatives celebrated the chance to repeal
legislation that embedded the right of gay and lesbian couples to
legally marry.
New Hampshire, in the north eastern of the USA was the 5th state to
pass legislation paving the way for gay marriage.  By 2009, already
across America 150,000 couples had married, according to the national
census which identified approximately 567,743 in total of gay and
lesbians living with a partner.  Of those couples already 27% considered
themselves to be in a state of marriage.
The debate over the legalization of marriage continues throughout
the world edging backwards and forwards depending on the political
influences over government at the time.
With the swing in the USA towards the Republicans last year
conservative groups saw an opportunity to challenge the increasing trend
towards governments backing gay and lesbian weddings.
In New Hampshire right wing groups increased pressure on the state
legislator to repeal the legislation.  Yet their ability to push through
change must have been damped as the latest poll conducted in the state,
shows strong support for the laws as they currently stand.
62% of survey respondents indicated they would oppose any changes
to the legislation recognizing gay and lesbian marriage.  51% opposed,
21% strongly opposed repealing the legislation.
“Strong opponents of repealing same-sex marriage
outnumber strong proponents by a factor of two to one,” Andrew
Smith, University of New Hampshire Survey Center,

told the Montreal Gazette today.

With such support embedded into the community it would have to be a
brave politician to push the agenda, changing the current laws.

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