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Breaking News      Germany: International Football Star Says Gay Players Should Come Out!
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10 February 2011 

Germany: International Football Star Says Gay Players Should Come Out!
He is one of the most famous football players in the world, a
German soccer Goalie who represented Germany at the World Cup.  Today
he’s made headlines again, this time encouraging people to come out, to
be open about their sexuality.
24 year old Manuel Neuer, is now the Schalke 04 star.  In a
magazine article released this week in Bunte, he called on players and
fans to: let them know your gay, to “take a load of their minds”
Even today the fear of homophobia still exists.  Yet Neuer believes
that once on the field sexuality is no longer important, the game is
what counts.
Homosexuality is still, in many circles considered a taboo subject,
and so the young Neuer is now a role model for those who are brave
enough to be open about being gay, and breaking down those hideous

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