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Breaking News      Jordan: Queen Rania Under Fire For Being Palestinian, Calls For Her Removal From Public Life
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09 February 2011 

Jordan: Queen Rania Under Fire For Being Palestinian, Calls For Her Removal From Public Life
As the uprising in the middle east continues, shock waves are being
sent from Egypt and Tunisia into the heart of Jordan and Yemen.  
In the turmoil criticisms of leaders are not unexpected, yet in
Jordan one of the most popular figures, Queen Rania has come under fire
for being Palestinian and too public.
In a petition signed by 36 tribal leaders Queen Rania is accused of “stealing from the country and the people.”  
The statement was sent to King Abdullah which outlined the rising tension between the different ethnic groups based in Jordan.
“She is building power centers for her interest that go against what
Jordanians and Hashemites have agreed on in governing and is a danger to
the nation and the structure of the state and the political structure
and the institution of the throne,” said the petition noted in Haaretz.

Born in Kuwait in 1970 to Palestinian parents, Queen Rania moved to
Jordan in 1991 living amongst the Palestinian population who make up 60%
of the population.

While studying and working for Apple Computers, in Cairo in 1993,
she met Abdullah at a party.   After marrying the following year the two
were crowned in 1999 after the death of Abdullah’s father.
Today Queen Rania has become one of the most popular royal figures,
with endless energy invested into increasing education for all, social
justice and the promotion of bridges being developed between the West
and Islam.
As a very modern woman, Queen Rania has integrated technology into
the monarchy.  Her twitters are following by nearly 1 1/2 million people
that backed by a YouTube site her profile around the world is building.
It’s this very public life lead by the queen that is challenging
the conservative elements within Jordan.  They have asked her husband,
the King, to wind her back into silence.
That worrying as it maybe is only part of the problem.  In recent
weeks tensions between the Palestinians and Bedouin tribes have been
She has become the focus of the racial divide as tribal leaders
have reported to CNN their resentment of her lavish lifestyle and
growing involvement in politics within the middle eastern nation.

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