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Breaking News      Radical Increase In Breast Cancer Rates Linked To Hormone Replacement Therapy And Alcohol
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04 February 2011

Radical Increase In Breast Cancer Rates Linked To Hormone Replacement Therapy And Alcohol
Today one in eight women are expected to have breast cancer.  
47,700 English women were diagnosed with the cancer in 2008, an 3.5%
increase from just 9 years before.
It’s a worrying rise according the British based Cancer Research
who have highlighted the risks of hormone replacement therapy as one of
the major triggers for the explosion of breast cancer in England.
“Getting old it’s so hard.  There are those first symptoms of
menopause, uncontrollable sweats, then waking up dead on 3 o’clock, wide
awake and not being able to get back to sleep.  But as soon as I
started on a small dose of estrogen, (Hormone Replacement Therapy), all
those symptoms mysteriously disappeared.  The world began to sparkle
again,” said Catherine, aged 48.
The use of HRT has grown astronomically in the past ten years, with
one in four women aged between 45 and 69 being prescribed with the
treatment.  As the popularity rose a correlation with the rise in women
developing breast cancer was noticed. 
The medical profession has indeed responded with now, fewer women being offered the drugs.
In 2009 the World Cancer Research Fund shocked the world with it’s
finding that 38% of breast cancer cases were preventable in the USA,
while an astonishing number, 42% could be prevented in the UK.
All it would take is for women to eat a healthy diet, reduce their weight and greater exercise.
Out with the excessive food, off to the gym, but the biggest shock
maybe the link to alcohol.  According to the latest research the more
you drink the higher the chances.  Just one glass of wine can increase
your chances of getting breast cancer by 10%. 
That is the message delivered by Cancer Research UK, who’s most
positive message about breast cancer was that the survival rates have
The latest statistics from Cancer Research was that two out of
every three women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer will
survive for over 20 years past their treatment.

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