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Breaking News      USA: Ex-Pizza Delivery Man And Serial Killer Charged With 4 More Murders
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02 February 2011
USA: Ex-Pizza Delivery Man And Serial Killer Charged With 4 More Murders
Chester Dewayne Turner

trawled the streets of Los Angeles in the 1980 and 1990’s often
attacking women, dragging them off into secluded parks, raping then
killing them. Today he sits on death row having been found guilty of the
murder of 10 women and an unborn child.

Last Tuesday Turner was charged with an additional 4 murders having
been linked through DNA to the deaths of the young women that occurred
between 1987 and 1998.
One of the latest victims that has now been linked to Turner, is
Cynthia Johnson who’s body was found semi-naked in 1997 by a small
church in California. 
The 46 year old father of 4 was born in Warren, Arkansas a small
town with a population of around 6,000 people.  His world was thrown
into chaos after his parents separated when he was 5 years old leaving
his mother no choice but to move to Los Angeles where she held 3 jobs to
enable the family to survive.
He made it through education until middle school when he dropped
out to take a job as a pizza delivery boy.   After his mother moved to
Utah he became virtually homeless, moving between staying with his
girlfriend to living in missions.
He began killing women, it’s believed at the age of 24.  His first
victim was a 21 year old was Dianne Johnson, who’s body was found
strangled in 1987. 
For the next decade Turner would be in and out of jail, for various crimes, including rape and assault.
The final murder which lead detectives to arrest Turner was of
Paula Vance. Her rape and murder was captured on video cameras, yet it
wasn’t until 2001 that DNA evidence linked him to the death for which he
was subsequently charged.
Yet the tragedy of the case extended past the young women and their
families to that of David Jones who was wrongly convicted of the 3
murders and subsequently jailed for the offenses.

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