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Breaking News      Potentially Deadly Weight Loss Drug Recalled: Combined Caffeine With Synephrine, Equals Speed
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09 January 2011

Potentially Deadly Weight Loss Drug Recalled: Combined Caffeine With
Synephrine, Equals Speed

A weight loss and body building drug has been recalled from the shelves in
Canada this week.

The producer of the product, Strive, acknowledged that the combination of
mixing caffeine with Synephrine were potentially deadly.  

In combination with other drugs the impact on the human body is profound,
with reports of dizziness, headaches and tremors.  The fear is that
consumers were at risk of heart attacks, strokes and psychosis, to name a few
of the side affects.

As well as withdrawing the drug from shops, the federal health authority
has issued a warning that some people may have received a kit containing the
drug, promotional material, including a T-Shirt.

It is by far not the first product to be recalled. 

The Food and Drug Administration in the United States in 2008 recalled 23
weight loss products including many that were marketed as dietary
supplements.  Some were found to contain above the recommended
prescription drugs in amounts that exceeded recommended doses.

Back to good old exercise and food control, it’s hard, but at least it’s
relatively safe. 

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