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Breaking News      Obama Considering Shifting Resources Into Drug Rehabilitation And Open Debate On Legalization
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28 January 2011

Obama Considering Shifting Resources Into Drug Rehabilitation And Open Debate On Legalization
In response to a question put by a former Law Enforcement Agent,
United States President, Barack Obama welcomed a new debate on the
legalization of drugs and promoted the shifting resources into help for
addicts through improved rehabilitation services.
While clearly stating that he was not in favor of legalization
Obama questioned why resource allocation was so heavily focused on law
enforcement, including incarceration of those involved in the drug trade
and supported a shift of policy into focusing on demand reduction.
This is strategy, Obama acknowledge was currently being debated within the White House.
In his clearest indication of the direction of his thinking Obama
raised the example of some American cities where addicts have to wait 6
months before they can get into a drug rehabilitation program.  
Oh course for any user if assistance isn’t provided immediately
after the decision is made to try and become clean then its too likely
that the person will fall back into using.
For first time, non-violent drug offenders Obama questioned the
value of jail, believing that assistance is required of a very different
nature. He promoted intervening to prevent a further deterioration of
the drug habits of the person including the possibility of establishing
of more drug courts.
Drug courts operating in various countries and aim to direct first
time offenders into treatment programs preventing incarceration.

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