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Breaking News      Canada: Palestinian Human Rights Group Stops Israeli Picket After Far Right Involvement Disclosed
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28 January 2011

Canada: Palestinian Human Rights Group Stops Israeli Picket After Far Right Involvement Disclosed
It’s so often commented that the left and human rights organizations are often confused when it comes to their analysis of Israeli and Palestinian politics. 
There is a tendency for alliances to be built with people who’s opinions, in other contexts would be dismissed as far right or extremist views.
Take the left’s support of fundamentalist Islamic groups such as Hamas, who’s treatment of women and it’s own people would be condemned if in any other country yet is conveniently overlooked by many left wingers.
Now a new controversy has hit Canada after a human rights group was found to be working with far right members of the Mouvement Nationaliste-Revolutionnaire Quebecois. 
On October 2, 2010, a group called Palestinian and Jewish Unity began a picket boycott outside the locally owned store in Quebec, Boutique Le Marcheur

simply because it sold a small amount of shoes made in Israel.

Since then the picket, which was asking for consumers to boycott Israeli products, has stood in place and was soon to be joined by another group, the Mouvement Nationaliste-Revolutionnaire Quebecois.
Today it’s been announced that the picket has been suspended for 2 weeks after the Palestinian and Jewish Unity group acknowledged that members of the Mouvement Nationaliste-Revolutionnaire Quebecois held far right, extremist positions including being anti-immigration and racist.
Now not only is the group being questioned over it’s targeting of a small family owned business but for playing into the hands of the far right, who must be delighted at the ridiculous scenario.

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