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18 January 2011

Italy: Man Sneezes Out Bullet After Being Shot In The Head
A 28 year old Italian man has sneezed out a bullet after being shot in the head on New Year’s Eve.
Darco Sangermano was celebrating the coming of 2011 in Italy’s third largest city of Naples. 
It’s been a tradition for revellers to fire ammunition into the air, as well as fireworks.
Sangermano was one of 3 people killed or injured from gun shots on
December 31, 2010 in the city, but he is one of the few reported cases
in which a person has sneezed a bullet from his skull.
Doctors reported this week, that the bullet entered the man’s skull
behind his right eye, then traveled through his nasal cavity then shot
out his right nostril.
There are no reports the incident being a malicious attack. 
It appears to be been an accident where Mr Sangermano was enjoying
the celebrations with his girlfriend when a .22 caliber bullet struck
him.  Covered in blood he was delivered to hospital, and now it appears
his will leave after a full recovery.

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