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Breaking News      Russia’s Siberian Tiger Poisoned While On A Zoo Holiday In Iran
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18 January 2011 

Russia’s Siberian Tiger Poisoned While On A Zoo Holiday In Iran
The claws are coming out over the death of a Siberian Tiger that
died this month, while on loan to a Zoo in the Iranian capital, Tehran.
After much fanfare Russian and Iranian official celebrated an
exchange deal in April 2010, between the two countries in which a rare
pair of Persian Leopards were shipped to Moscow, as two Tigers made
their way to Iran. 
The media went into a frenzy with photo’s of Russian Prime
Minister, Vladimir Putin visiting the Leopards in Sochi National Park in
the Western Caucasus, in what seemed like a publicity coup for the
Iranian Government. 
Now the knives seem to be out as two weeks ago it was announced by
Mohammad Javad Mohammadizadeh, Head of the Environmental Department,

Iran that the tiger had died, apparently, it was initially reported,
after being infected with the Feline
Immunodeficiency Virus.   

In attempting to distance itself from a potential diplomatic
disaster the Eram zoo denied responsibility reporting that the Tiger was
brought to Iran, already infected with the virus.
Now is an apparent back flip an Iranian Official has issued a
statement saying that the Tiger had indeed died after being fed
contaminated meat, while in Tehran. 
Its reminiscent of the tragedy in which a Panda bear, Xing Xing,
from China died after receiving an anesthetic while on loan to a zoo in
Japan in September 2010. 

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