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01 February 2011

New Dietary Recommendations For Pregnant And Breast Feeding Mothers
Giving a child an even better start to life can begin with diet,
not only after birth but during a pregnancy. Each year new research adds
to the weight of recommendations for women either mothers, or women
preparing to become and being pregnant.
New Dietary Guidelines for Americans were released today by the United States Department of Agriculture. 
Many of the recommendations are well known by women, including the
importance of increasing the intake of iron into their diet before and
during pregnancy to avoid anemia. 
This is in addition to eating foods to high in Folic Acid to reduce the chances of a child being born with Spina Bifida.  
Much of the emphasis of the new guidelines was returning Americans
to a normal weight.  Highlighting that one in three American children
are now overweight much of the emphasis was on weight reduction.  
Women about to face motherhood are advised to be conscious of keeping a healthy body weight.
No-one, say the guidelines, should consumer more than 2,300
milligrams of salt, and everyone should reduce their calorie consumption
by 10% from saturated fat.
The significance of the recommendations for children across America
are profound as all school lunches must reflect the guidelines.
What maybe a surprise to many is that the new dietary guidelines
advise that breast feeding women should consume between 8 and 12 ounces
of sea food as a healthy source of protein.
Equally important is that research now believes that Omega 3, found
in seafood, assists in the development of a baby’s co-ordination,
eyesight and even improves their concentration.
Having promoted the seafood recommendation the Department also
warns against eating seafood that has a high mercury content, including
tilefish, king mackerel, swordfish and shark.
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